My friends have the filter but I don’t? Help!!!

This is a GPS issue on the device. Sometimes, depending on the service provider and the quality of signal strength the phone will “misplace” the user. You can identify errors by capturing a screenshot of your current location and looking at the size of the outer blue circle and also if the inner point is in the wrong spot. The larger the outer blue circle, the less certain the phone is. Easiest way to tell on an iPhone, Ask Siri what your current location is.


What if I need the filter for more than one day, but not all month?

That’s no problem! We can customize any date & time frame that you need. Contact us directly and we can build a custom plan for you.


Can we get the photos people take?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Snapchats policy prohibits this.


Will the Geofence cover my venue completely?

We’ll extend the Geofence at least 10% in addition to what you request to make sure you have proper coverage, since we can’t control the devices GPS.


Are you affiliated or owned by Snapchat?

No, we are a 3rd party service where we design and manage snapchat filters for our clients. Our prices are all inclusive of design, campaign management and submission.


Are Snapchat Filters available anywhere in the world?

We can only provide service for the US. We’re hoping to expand our reach soon! We can still design filters, but submitting them through the sponsored filter network is currently unavailable.


How quickly can we get a filter?

We require at least a 36 hour lead time prior to submitting any filters.

Your Events Custom Snapchat Geofilter

Have you been asked to host an event and want to find a way to make it unique and remembered by those who take part? If so, you’ll love the new Snapchat feature that allows you to create a custom geofilter specifically for this event. It will only be available for a limited period of time, less than 24 hours, and can only be accessed by those in the specific location where the event is to be held.

Snapchat continues to grow in popularity, and millions are using it on a daily basis. Make sure you include them in your event planning by allowing them to take photos and videos making use of your custom filter. Below are a few of the many ways these filters may be used:


Allow guests to take pictures at your wedding and use a geofilter with your names or the date of your big day. You may also choose to add fun graphics to the photos, such as a heart or a ball and chain, whatever reflects your personality as a couple. The ideas are endless, and these make a great alternative to photo booths, which have become very popular at weddings over the past few years. Snapchat photos, complete with your geofilter, can be shared immediately, unlike the images taken using a photo booth. By saving these images using a screenshot, guests can then share their photos with the happy couple, and they can easily create a photo album of these images to remember their day.


When planning a fundraiser for any organization, consider purchasing a geofilter, one that shares the message of your organization, your URL, or any information you wish. Every time a guest of the fundraiser shares the picture, they are sharing information about your cause and what you are raising money for. New people may begin to contribute to the fundraising efforts or offer to assist in other ways.

Corporate Events

Work doesn’t have to be boring, especially when colleagues are getting together to have a good time and simply enjoy the company of those they spend time with regularly. Offer geofilters for this event, and co-workers will be encouraging each other to outdo their photos or use props to make their photo unique. This is a great way to break the ice, as the photos can be shared with each other during the event rather than waiting to have them distributed later and see if they even turned out.


Families and friends may choose to create a geofilter for a holiday event they are hosting. The filter can offer the date, a symbol of the holiday, or numerous other things. For example, someone planning a St. Patrick’s Day event may choose to have a pot of gold or a rainbow. The options are endless. The photos taken at the event will truly stand out with the help of the geofilter, and the cost is very little for those who wish to make their function truly special. Imagine having a geofilter for a family Easter egg hunt, the annual Thanksgiving dinner or for Mother’s Day. The photos are sure to be special.

Family Reunions

Getting together with family is fun. If it is a once a year event, it’s a big deal and needs to be marked in a special way. Consider getting a Snapchat filter that truly marks the occasion in a big way. Family members will love sharing their photos with each other, and some may even become Snapchat members and share pictures in the future. Family members need to stick together, and having fun is a great way to ensure all do. We’ll help you develop a filter that shows your family and how unique it truly is.

Other Events

These custom geofilters can be used for any event. Are you planning a school function, a christening, or a high school graduation party? We’ll create a filter specifically for that event. The same is true if you are hosting a golf tournament, a sporting event, or an anniversary gathering for a lucky couple. Contact us today to discuss your function and your options and we’ll work to ensure you have a filter that truly highlights the special occasion.

The Process

Simply contact us to help you develop a geofilter for your event. Once we have a filter that you are happy with, we’ll need to determine your geofence. This is the location where the filter will be offered, and now is the time to provide the date and time of the event. For custom geofilters of this type, the filter is available for a 24 hour period, typcially in an area of up to 20,000 square feet, although a greater area may be selected for an additional price. When this information has been provided, the filter is then submitted to Snapchat, which we handle, and they approve it. At the time of the event, we push it live. Clients don’t have to do anything other than providing input into the design.


Snapchat does put restrictions on geofilters for privately held events. They cannot contain any branding or logos or they won’t be approved. In addition, businesses may select this option for an event, although Snapchat has strict guidelines here also. When working with us, we ensure you stay within these guidelines before your design is submitted.

Contact us to learn more about the custom geofilter option available to Snapchat users. It’s the perfect way to add something extra to your event, whether it be a corporate event, a wedding, or other special occasions. We work with you to create a custom filter that truly meets your needs in every way, then we handle the process of submitting it to Snapchat for approval. We’ll need a week lead time to create and submit this filter, so be sure to plan ahead. Your guests are certain to love this addition to your event and will be talking about it for some time to come. Furthermore, we offer geofilters for businesses that offer more flexibility and more time for using them. Be sure to contact us about this also.