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At Event Filters, we get extremely excited any time Snap Inc. releases a new update. However, this update has our team divided. For anyone who doesn’t know, Snap Inc. has been rolling out more and more updates to their juggernaut app. Their new update featuring Snap Maps, allows users, with the feature enabled, to see where their friends and followers are at in real time. The latest update has had mixed reviews from daily users of the app.

Some users love the amount of connectivity that the app brings its users. But, a lot of users do not like the idea of being tracked in real-time by one of the most used apps in the world. It may be fun to track “bae” in real-time but that level of transparency can get you into trouble.

Wedding season is in full swing and with wild bachelor/bachelorette parties on the horizon, what better time for Snap Maps to come out! Turn your Snapchat account on “ghost-mode” and celebrate your groom-to-be or bride-to-be’s last night of freedom. Before your wild night begins, check out our amazing selection of bachelor and bachelorette snapchat filters. Here are some of our favorites!

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Your days of poppin’ bottles are almost behind you. Celebrate the good ol’ days and make some bad decisions with this fun bachelor party snapchat filter. Share every wild snap of the night with your groomsman and be thankful that snaps disappear. Even the best parties have to end, if some of your snaps go public, apologize with a beautiful wedding snapchat filter for your bride-to-be.


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Girl, you’ve earned it. A wedding doesn’t get planned in a day. Pop some bottles with your girlfriends and celebrate your night with a bachelorette party snapchat filter. May your wedding day be flawless and let the bottles keep flowing.

bachelor, bachelor party, snapchat, geofilter, party

Not all hangovers are created equally. The hangover from your bachelor/bachelorette party should be one to remember. Celebrate surviving your party with this fun party snapchat filter. Let the calm palm trees soothe your stomach, or at least make your trips to the bathroom more fun.

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The Last Sipper is upon us. Celebrate one final unforgettable night out with your bride-to-be before she gets married. Dance and drink the night away while capturing every second of your wild night. Use this amazing bachelorette snapchat filter and celebrate in style.

If you need a custom filter, contact our talented design team today. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect custom snapchat filter for your bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding!

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Snap Inc. has been rolling out new updates for their incredible app. Our eager staff at Event Filters have been waiting for these new updates, so let’s get snapping. Grab your favorite snack and get ready to talk Snapchat, geofilters, and all the new snapchat features.

Infinity-length snaps

One of the most exciting features of the new Snapchat update is the addition of infinity-length snaps! You don’t need to keep your eyes glued to your phone in order to not miss a snap. You don’t need to change anything about how you snap in order to access this feature. Simply choose the infinity symbol under the normal time options. The viewer will be able to view the snap for as long as they want, however, the snap will be deleted once they close the snap.

Magic eraser filter

The new magic eraser filter has the office buzzing. Now you can remove unsightly elements for your snaps. Located under the scissor tool, this new eraser tool allows you to highlight a selected area of your snap and then remove the selected element. Now you can remove bunny ears, annoying family members, and keep your snaps looking flawless. This tool isn’t perfect, but it is useful for a 10-second snap.

Draw emojis

A surprising new feature was just added under the marker icon after you take a snap. Under the marker icon, you see the usual colors that you can use to draw on your snap…but now there are emojis! Now you can select from a number of emojis and draw them on your screen just like any other marker. We cannot wait to see what our customers create with their new emoji markers.

How to loop videos

Finally, the addition of video looping has been added for videos. Similar to the infinity-length snap, the video loop feature allows your to have your video snap loop until they close the snap. After you take your video, click the “Loop” icon and select whether you want the video to loop once, or whether it will continue to play on a loop.

There you have it! Let us know what creative things you plan on doing with these new snapchat features. Stay cool with our summer snapchat filters or create your own snapchat filter using our easy-to-use tool. Enjoy your summer and keep snapping!

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Do you bleed red, white, and blue? You’re in luck! The Fourth of July is upon us once again. Break out your patriotic red, white, and blue wardrobe and get ready for some summer fun with Event Filters! This year, we came up with three unique designs to show off your American pride this July. Before you spend a fortune on fireworks, check out all of the best July 4th snapchat filters of 2017.

4th of July Party Snapchat filter

4th of July, snapchat, snapchat filter, snapchat filters, best snapchat filters, best July 4th snapchat filters of 2017

Share all of your red, white, and blue fun of the day with your friends and followers using this patriotic snapchat filter. This fun filter is ideal for an outdoor barbecue with your friends and family. The simple confetti background makes it a versatile filter that is sure to make every photo memorable and shareable. Add some extra color to your firework stories on snapchat this year by using this filter. You can also create your own filter using our snapchat filter creation tool.

4th of July Sparkles Snapchat filter

Best snapchat filter, 4th of July snapchat filter, snapchat filters, snapchat

Capture fireworks live and on screen with this amazing 4th of July snapchat filter. There is a ton of open space near the top of the filter which allows you to focus on the action in your snapchat. Capture every explosion, cheer, and sunny moment of the day using this fun snapchat filter. Do you have an idea for a custom snapchat filter? Tell our talented design team and have your design made before your July 4th party.

America’s Birthday Snapchat filter

Snapchat, snapchat filter, 4th of July, patriotic snapchat filter, best 4th of July snapchat filter

I guess beauty does really get better with age. Our country still looks good after 200+ years. Celebrate our country’s birthday in style with this patriotic snapchat filter. Party through the day and into the explosive night with this amazing filter. You and your family can use this snapchat filter to capture each fun-filled memory of this special day and share them with your followers.

There you have it! Those are our favorite 4th of July snapchat filters for 2017. If none of these designs seem right for you party or event, you should check out our custom filter page or our creation tool. We can create the perfect custom filter for your event. Enjoy the holiday and be safe this 4th of July!


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Summer is in full swing here at Event Filters. The warm weather has our design team in a frenzy coming up with new ideas for fun summer snapchat filters. We’ve been on the lookout for the perfect designs for summer, or at least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves as we lounge by the pool. Before we head back to the pool, we wanted to share the best summer snapchat filters of 2017.

Jump In

snapchat, summer snapchat filter, snap

Follow our lead and jump into summer! Take a leap and hit the cool water as you celebrate the long, lazy days of summer. Drink in the sunshine and capture every spectacular moment of the day with this fun summer snapchat filter. If our cute pink flamingo isn’t your style, you can also create your own custom filter using our handy snapchat creation tool.

Summer Party

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Grab your towels and race to the water with this snapchat filter. Nothing says a summer pool party than a festive summer snapchat filter. Layout and snap away with this simple and fun design. Snap and share every moment of your day with your family and friends. Start your summer off right with this amazing custom filter.

Under the Palms

Summer, snapchat, snapchat filters, palm

If soaking up the sun isn’t your style or maybe you need some time to cool off, rest a while under the palms with this vibrant floral snapchat filter. Every photo you snap using this filter will show how cool you and your friends are staying despite the hot weather. Stay cool this summer with a snapchat filter from Event Filters.

Pink Pastel

Pink, snapchat filter, floral snapchat filter, snap

Stay pretty in pink this summer with this colorful flower snapchat filter. Add a nice splash of pink to your lazy day and share each summer-filled snap of the day with your followers. This custom snapchat filter is perfect for a day at the beach or a pool party. Before you jump in, check out all of our amazing custom snapchat filters.

Golden Fireworks

summer, snapchat filter, fireworks, golden

Summer is finally here! What better way to start off this beautiful time of year than with some fireworks! Show the excitement of the day and night with our fun golden fireworks filter. The radiant fireworks in our filter are perfect for outdoor photos. Light up the night and share this incredible golden snapchat filter.


Those are our picks for 2017’s best summer snapchat filters. Do you agree? Did your favorite snapchat filter not make our list? Let us know below. In the meantime, create the next great summer snapchat filter using our create tool. Go soak up the sun!

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If you haven’t already updated your Snapchat app, you’re missing out on an amazing new feature. Snap Inc. just announced the addition of a custom story feature on their Snapchat app. This new feature allows you to add people to your story to create a group story that includes your entire group of friends. This is a big deal. Users can send invites to specific friends or allows anyone within a specific area to add their stories to the custom story. Each person can only create 3 custom stories of their own, so inviting your friends to your story will extend your custom story.

Our designers are hard at work brainstorming different ways to incorporate our amazing custom snapchat filters into your next custom story. Now each of your friends can use a different snapchat filter for your first custom story! Tell the story of your epic night out with different snapchat filters that span the entire evening. Capture and share each moment of the night using our unique snapchat filters, from your drinks at the first bar to crashing at home.

Snapchat Custom Stories For Businesses

This update is also beneficial for tech-savvy business owners who want to stay relevant. The update could revolutionize how local businesses market themselves to Millennials and the younger generation of customers who use the internet daily. Businesses can now create groups to share their content and boost visibility during a local event or festival. This new Snapchat update allows businesses to share their content with the people and customers who matter most to their business.

Whether you are a snapoholic or a savvy business owner, this new update will change the way you use Snapchat. Do you have any ideas about new snapchat filters that you want to see us create for this new update? We love hearing new ideas from our customers. Keep snapping!

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At, the summer season is in full swing! We have been blown away by your creative and innovative snapchat filter designs and how passionate you are about our new snapchat filter creation tool. The creation tool is available for everyone to use and we welcome all new submissions from our talented customers. Make your next pool party or summer hangout memorable by using our fun snapchat filters.

Are you trying to find the perfect summer snapchat filter for your next party? We have a wide selection of pool party, beach days, and a ton of other summer filters. The summer has just begun and we want you to get the most out of the next 100 days!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create the perfect snapchat filter for your next event. All you need to do it go to to browse a ton of our pre-loaded templates, design elements, fonts, and more! Surprise your friends and family with three unique and fun snapchat filters for your next summer barbecue or pool party.   

All throughout summer, we will be hosting a creation tool snapchat filter contest! Submit your best custom filter using our new creation tool for a chance to have your filter brought to life and sold on our website! No idea is too crazy. Show us your best, your worst, or show us whatever summer means to you.

Don’t wait another minute! Summer is going to be gone before you know it! Visit Event Filters to start designing. Our team of highly trained designers can answer any questions you have about our new tool. You can also browse hundreds of our professional quality snapchat filters. No matter what you choose, this is going to be one hot summer. Start designing, creating, and snapping today!

April 29, 2017

Featured on Product Hunt

Our new design tool was featured on Product Hunt! Make sure to give us an UpVote if you like it!

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Summer is just around the corner! At, we’ve been busy creating a new tool to help you create custom snapchat geofilters all summer long. As you know, we have the very best snapchat filters on the market. From summer weddings, pool parties, and summer days up at the lake, we have the perfect snapchat filter for any occasion.

We created our new design tool to fill the increasing demand for custom snapchat filters. We love our fans, and the enthusiasm you’ve shown to our filters has been overwhelming. Our talented team has been hard at work developing this designer tool to put the power in your hands!

Our snapchat filter design tool allows anyone to design their own custom snapchat filter using our templates, graphics, and fonts. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a stunning snapchat geofilter for your next party or event. The possibilities are endless!

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the world about our new designer tool. Keep a look out for future promo codes for using our new tool. Like us on Facebook for future updates and promos. As always, we appreciate our customers and their amazing ideas for snapchat filters. You can still use our designer templates for all of your Snapchat needs or contact our design team to craft your custom snapchat filter. Soak up the sun and share every second of summer fun with

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The “Stories” trend is becoming a staple across all major social media platforms. The trend started on Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat, and has been copied and rolled out onto Facebook and Instagram. These clones of Snap Inc’s original story feature is an attempt by Facebook and Instagram to compete with the camera company’s dominance as a social media platform. While other brands play catch up to this emerging trend, your friends at Event Filters are busy getting ahead of the curve.

If you didn’t already know, our website designs and creates the best snapchat filters available for your wedding, party, or event. Facebook’s version of the story comes equipped with “Frames” which are similar to Snapchat filters. These frames can be added to your story, added to your profile picture, and can be used by your friends and family. The process for designing and uploading your Facebook Frame is the same as Snapchat:

  1. Design your frame with a transparent background and upload it as a PNG file
  2. Upload your design to Facebook and arrange each element to compose your frame
  3. Preview how your design will look in different sizes and in portrait or landscape views
  4. Add additional details to your frame
  5. Submit your frame for review, this process usually takes up to a week
  6. Once your frame has been approved and activated, your friends and family can add your frame to their photos and videos on Facebook

The Facebook Frame feature isn’t currently available in the United States. When it does become available, will begin creating fun and eye-catching frames that you can share with your friends. We will keep you up to date on when the frames become available. We will also begin creating a new selection of frame designs for our customers. Let us know if you have any amazing ideas for Facebook frames!

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Best Wedding Snapchat Filters of 2017

Just as we started our spring cleaning event at, take 50% off your total order, we realized that wedding season is upon us again! Get ready to start running around every weekend. Instead of giving cash, give your friends and family a snapchat filter for their wedding ceremony or reception! Your friends at have found the very best wedding snapchat filters of 2017, and we want to share them with you.

Golden Drapes Wedding Snapchat filter

Golden, wedding, snapchat filter, snapchat

Golden Drapes Wedding Snapchat filter

This elegant, golden wedding snapchat filter is the perfect accent to a wedding day. Drape the wedding party in shimmering gold on their special day. Share with your friends and family and capture memories that you’ll never forget.

Golden Leaf Wedding Snapchat filter

Golden, Leaf, Wedding, Snapchat filter

Golden Leaf Wedding Snapchat filter

When you get married you turn over a new leaf and start your new life together as partners. Celebrate this momentous occasion with this stunning golden leaf wedding snapchat filter. Capture each special moment and share them with your friends and family using this radiant wedding snapchat filter.

Golden Smudge Wedding Snapchat filter

Golden, Wedding, Snapchat, Filter

Golden Smudge Wedding Snapchat filter.

This cute and subtle wedding snapchat filter is perfect for couples who paint outside the lines. The golden paint works well with any color palette and is a nice addition to candid wedding photos. Snap pictures using this snapchat filter to capture every magical moment of the night and share with your friends.

These are the best wedding snapchat filters of 2017. We have a diverse and extensive gallery of snapchat filters for weddings, parties, and any event! Do you have a great idea for a custom snapchat filter? Talk to our talented design team today to start creating your personal filter. Wedding snapchat filters can be bought in special three-packs for a discounted price. Trust for all of your snapchat filter needs.